Facts to know about melanotan 2

Melanotan 2 is the medicine which belongs to the family of the stimulate. It is a peptide which invigorates the natural secretion of the melanin. It is made and circulated the skin inside when you are going too exposed in the UV rays. It helps you to get the darker skin. People use this medicine to get the tan skin from the fair skin because it is trendy.

As we know that melanin is a hormone which gets the pigment in the skin. If this hormone produces in the more amount, then your body gets darkened by darker the pigmentation.

Difference between the melanotan 2 and melanotan 1

Melanotan 1 is the less peptide which takes more time to get the result. It is the medicine which takes more time because it is the less intense peptide. The medicine is the best alternative of the melanotan 2 because it includes fewer side effects. Melanotan 2 is the more intense peptide which requires less time to give you results.

How long before results are seen?

There is no time to get the outcomes because all individual is responding differently towards the medicine. The results of the medicine depend on the type of the skin. If you have the light skin then maybe you take more time.

Maintenance and loading dose

The maintenance of the dosages begins at once you are achieving the desired level of tan. Instead of the level of the fact are diverse for the entire person. The medicine maintains the tanning color without spending the time in the sun.

Side effects

As we know that every medicine causes some side effects if you don’t take it properly or without the doctor’s recommendation. Their side effects you see after a few days of taking medicine, if you experience it continuously then you should contact your doctor and ask for the prevention.

Side effects include – nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and drowsiness. If you don’t want to face extreme sleepiness through the medicine, then take it before going to bed.

Avoid burning

If you are using the product or the medicine, then you don’t require spending much time in the sun. Due to this, you don’t face the sunburnt skin. You can start only with the amount of the exposure which you can handle it easily.

Well, these are some facts about the melanotan 2 medicine which helps you to get the tanning skin.